Worthy of Honor


The SOG Crew Honors Native American Veterans and Active Duty Service Members, including those that fought in World War I before the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924.

We honor the personnel who have voluntarily sacrificed to defend our Country. It is these acts of selflessness that are the foundation of America. However, how more honorable is the service of those who fought for a country where they were not yet recognized as Citizens? Clearly it is an injustice that not all Native American were considered citizens on their own land prior to the signing of the Indian Citizenship Act by President Calvin Coolidge on June 2, 1924.

It is with this backdrop that I, Hapizzez, highlight my Native American Shipmates that served along side me. At every stage of my career, I can remember honorable Native American crew members that lead the way in sacrifice. One notable example is my friend Vanessa who left her newborn child to deploy to Iraq on board the USS Boxer (prior to the onset of Iraqi Freedom). Her son was slightly over a year when her County asked her to leave for six months in harms way.

My great grandmother, Sofi, was Native American. Her husband was a Mexican national. He died while en route to Mexico from Texas. That left Sofia a single mother of nine in the 1930s (shortly after the Indian Citizenship Act of 1924). However, her options were still limited and she worked as a migrant worker traveling the country and working farms until eventually ending up in Los Angeles around the 1950s.

June 2nd is a day that we should reflect on the sacrifices made by Native American to this Country. Despite the unfavorable circumstances or unfortunate history, Native Americans have always rendered American the great honor she is worthy of.


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