Facing Giants: An Inside Picture of Orange Glen Water Polo

Facing Giants: An Inside Picture of Orange Glen Water Polo

Water Polo 2015-2016
Water Polo 2015-2016

Thursday, February 4th, 2016 was the Orange Glen Patriots Girls Varsity Water Polo team’s final home game for the season. Unfortunately, this game may also serve as the final home aquatic event for near future of this high school. Over the last two years the school has not had a swim team or boys’ water polo team due to a lack of recruitment.  And now with eleven of the fourteen players graduating, the girls’ team now faces a ‘Giant’ recruitment challenge for the future.

Thursday was also the team’s “Seniors Day”. Traditionally the last home game of the season is an opportunity to highlight the senior athletes contributions and their future plans. Attending poolside was the Athletic Director for Palomar College, Scott Cathcart. He assisted as the game’s announcer and was on hand to provide information to the athletes interested in Junior College.  All fourteen of the Patriots players have higher education goals. The acceptance rate of the team surpasses the statistical ‘Giant’ that only 33% of Orange Glen graduates are even eligible for a CSU or UC.

On Senior Day, the Patriots faced the Fallbrook High School Warriors. The Warriors are an undefeated team in the Valley League. Orange Glen is in fifth place of the six Valley League schools. Nearly every game the Varsity Water Polo team plays can be described as “facing a giant”. Whether they win or lose their demeanor remains the same, professional and upbeat. They never let the ‘Giants’ keep them down.

The players huddle in prayer prior to the game. The topic of “Pray in School” is a sensitive subject. A teacher or coach can not encourage OR DISCOURAGE student prayer. The coach-player relationship for the water polo team has been strictly professional. Practices and games focus on teamwork and aquatic fundamentals. In a neutral environment, it is ‘Giant’ to observe the girls remain true to their own beliefs.

Event Calendar: (Games, Speeches, Trainings, Concerts)

2/4 Orange Glen High School Seniors Night                          (Water Polo)
2/9 Escondido High School Seniors Night                               (Water Polo)

2/10 Visiting the San Marcos Probation School
2/11 Classical Academy High School Seniors Night             (Water Polo)

2/13 CIF Power Ranking
2/15 SD Water Polo Championship CIF
2/17 SD Water Polo Championship CIF
2/17 San Diego County Office of Education (Public Relations Training)
2/18 Rancho Banardo Speech Competition
2/19 SD Water Polo Championship CIF
2/20 Fighting 4 Love Tour, Bellflower CA (Concert)
2/23 SD Water Polo Championship CIF
2/26 PRC Vista California (Presentation Training)
2/28 La Jolla CIF Finals
2/29 San Diego County Office of Education
3/10 Rancho Banardo Open House
3/29 Escondido High School (Teen Training)
3/30 Escondido High School (Teen Training)
4/14 San Pasqual HS-Library
4/15 San Pasqual HS-Library
4/18 North County Media Center (Presentation)
4/27 Orange Glen High School (Training)
4/28 Orange Glen High School (Training)


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